#54 Challenge - Sort Data

Write a program to sort the below data in alphebatical or numerical order. The data is stored in a file. The user should be able to pick what they want to sort by (i.e. first name, last name or zip code)

Keep in mind that the persons first name, last name and zipcode needs to stay together after the data is sorted.

Ashley Henderson 24325
Susan Smith 88334
Brison Johnson 34773

Language: C/C++
Limitations: You can't use the C++ string class, no non-standard C++ libraries. You can't use functions or classes from STL (vector, list, map, algorithm, deque, queue, set, stack, etc...). You can use < cstrings >, standard c string and characters and qsort.

Purpose: You must be wonder, "why are you restricting me from the STL and c++ strings." The purpose of this challenge is to increase your strength with pointers, cstrings and standard c string and character functions. If you have worked on projects written in C you know the importance of this understanding.