How To Turn Off Netflix HD Streaming

Recently netflix released the HD viewing playing for sreaming video's. If your internet connection is fast enough and the show has HD abilty then netflix will stream HD quality to you.

The problem occurs when the user doesn't have a computer fast enough to play HD without choppy playback. And unfortunately netflix doesn't give you the ability to turn off this feature.

Here is how you can prevent netflix from playing HD quality.

1. Go download: Traffic Shaper XP
2. Intall Traffic Shaper.
3. Run Traffic Shaper.
4. A Network Configuration Wizard will pop up, click next and leave it on the default settings (Download capacity: 1,500 kb/s and Upload Capacity: 512 kb/s). click next until you finish the wizard.

Now anytime you want to watch netflix streaming videos without HD streaming just launch the Traffic Shapper XP program.

Netflix will see that your connection isn't fast enough to watch HD and therefore won't provide you with HD streaming. And your streaming will be fast enough to play streaming without any problems.